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Billiards Room
« on: July 21, 2009, 12:31:19 PM »
I have taken over half of my cellar and turned it into my pool room. I need to do something about the noise factor when I play at night. I have a 2 story home however you can still hear me playing 2 floors up. I am looking for some inexpensive was to tackle this project. All suggestions are welcome.

My thoughts....

I was thinking of getting 1" insulation boad and cut strips approx 16 inches wide to put inbetween the floor joist. I have 2x10 floor joists. I thougt if I installed 3 layers of insulation boards with a 2" gap between them. I was also thinking of installing a drop ceiling in after I completed all the insulation boads. This will take a little work but I think it would work. The bigger challange is all the duct work in my cellar. The main trunk goes through my room. What do I use to wrap the duct work to stop the noise from traveling thru it?

Thanks Bob

Randy S

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Re: Billiards Room
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Here is a better approach, I would use 5/8" drywall glued in between joists 2 layers then I would use R30 x 24 cotton fiber insulation (wall to wall layout) covering the entire drop ceiling. If you wanted to improve it more you could use Green Glue sandwiched in between the 2 layers of drywall in the cavity.
For the duct work you should wrap it in our SSP foam mat 1/2" thick with PSA.
Since you are doing a drop ceiling and NOT closing up the lid this solution would yield better results.

Closing the ceiling will always yield a higher reduction.