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Phill Jones

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Little solid concrete room - no door.
« on: June 04, 2001, 11:24:31 AM »
Ok, this is a pretty simple thing. I play drums, and sometimes guitar. As we all know drums are incredibly hard to sonically isolate, but I'm not interested in total isolation. I have a room under my house, it's not very high, 1700mm at the most, and it's concrete and brick all the way around. Not a big room at all. Can't stand up straight in it and it will only fit a drum kit 4 guitars a keyboard and perhaps 1 person. It's not really a good place to spend a lot of time. But seeing as my drum playing isn't welcome in the house... soundproofing is nice! The thing is basically a room within room anyway, so sound control is great, and is enhanced even more with heavy drapes and noise sheilding boards around the kit, but the one problem is that the room doesn't have a door. And of course, noise reverberating into a garage made of steel joists, concrete and stud walls, well, it's just like putting an amp on an electric guitar. So I'm wondering what's the best way to put a door on this room. It's not a door shaped doorway at all. It's just an opening in a wall. So I think I'll go the thickest possible option, with lots of dead air. 2 doors is better than one. But I have to be able to get out. There's no windows. Mounting a frame in ther will be hard, and I'm not sure of the best way to make a door that'll be a good isolator. Perhaps someone can suggest something? It's an ideal situation, very custom makeable, so I can do what I want to get good soundproofing, but I just need to know the BEST way. No, a thick exterior door won't do it for me. This has to be custom made to fit the 1700mm x 830mm opening! When I get the digital camera back I'll post a pic of the room, for any advice someone might want to give! Cheers. Phill.