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Baseboard Attachment to Floating Wall
« on: July 26, 2010, 08:48:21 PM »
I've had two supporting walls in my living room condo "floated" with resilient sound clips for isolation between floors, in addition to having MLV with foam backing layed out and caulked along all seams for the entire floor. Now that everything has been finished with paint and carpet, I'm left with baseboard trim to do. The details of how to attach trim to a floating wall aren't easy to come by, it seems. Naturally, the trim can't be anchored into the studs like an ordinary wall, since this would defeat the isolation. So I'm left with thinking that maybe I have to use drywall anchors and screw in the baseboard that way? There are foam blocks under the bottom edge of the drywall, with lead tape and soundproof caulking in places to seal the seams. I'm going to add some more caulking behind the baseboard where the tape isn't perfect, to be sure everything is air tight, and tuck the trim just slightly into the nap of the carpet. Just not sure about anchoring the baseboard into a floating wall, if there is a standard technique. Thanks for any replies.


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Re: Baseboard Attachment to Floating Wall
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You can do the anchors and screws, or you can use heavy duty construction adhesive.
From your post it sounds like you did an excellent job installing your material. Good Job!