Author Topic: Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) vs. sound proofing fiberboard  (Read 4741 times)


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Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) vs. sound proofing fiberboard
« on: February 02, 2012, 05:13:56 PM »
I'm having a hard time finding a direct comparison between MVL and sound proofing fiberboard.  The fiberboard is made specifically for soundproofing and it comes 1/2'x4'x8'.  It must be covered with drywall (not a finished surface).  The specific product I'm looking at is here:  This stuff is DIRT CHEAP at about $9 per board or $0.28 / sq. ft., and is available to me locally (no shipping).  However, it will need to be cut with a saw and will add an extra 1/2" to the wall.  The website claims STC of 42 when installed behind drywall.  However, I wonder why I haven't heard much about soundboards such as this on the soundproofing websites.  Has anyone used this type of board?  How does it compare to MLV placed on studs and covered with drywall.  MVL and Green Glue both seem to be about 10 X more expensive per square foot and QuietRock and SoundBreak boards are about 15 x more expensive.

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Re: Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) vs. sound proofing fiberboard
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not even close.... regular drywall is better than soundboard, dont waste your money... insulate the cavity and use MLV , channel and double drywall or quiet rock. assuming your dealing with a loud sound source..if not than you can reduce the mass in the system.