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I just moved into a building which happens to be on the main street in my city- "speedway" at night i am running into the issue of semi trucks and motorcycles being way too loud.  I am looking to soundproof my door which faces this road, and my three windows which also face the outdoors.  I am a student so i would like to do this as cost effectively as i could though i am willing to throw down a fair bit  to resolve this issue. Also my mom is a stickler about my room not looking like a stereotypical college student's so i was hoping for something like sound reducing curtains if such a thing actually exists.  For the door I'm not allowed to replace it so i was hoping for suggestions on the most sound reducing linings and the like that i could use.  Thank you in advance for any assistance you can offer.


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here is a link for addressing windows. drapes do not deliver the rsults for the cost.

Here is the solution for doors.