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Dont want to wake the neighbors
« on: September 28, 2012, 01:48:50 AM »
Ok so Ive been looking at a lot of soundproofing videos and just realized that they mean soundproofing in the sense of not having sound enter the room you're recording. My issue is that I am gonna build a little vocal room in the basement of our 4 family house. Meaning we have tenants upstairs from where ill be practicing. Also theirs no ceiling in the basement. If you look up theres just floor beans, then plywood, then flooring for the upstair apartment so no sheetrock or anything. Any loud sound made downstairs can be heard upstairs.  I would like some tips on how soundproofing my room so sound doesn't leave cause I scream/sing so it tends to be loud.

I work as a carpenter so i was thinking about building a Room inside a room but wasnt sure if that would do it. ANy help would be awsome cause i couldnt find anything really online on how to keep sound in, only stuff on keeping it out so any help would be AWSOME. THX