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music room, floor soundproofing in cavity.
« on: April 07, 2016, 09:25:54 AM »
Hi everyone,

I am planning on soundproofing a top bedroom, which isn't used so I can use it for a music room and practice room. My plan is to lift the existing floor boards (1900 terrace house) and use rockwool rwa45 100mm between joists, I havnt had the floor up yet so not sure on the width. Once ive done that and refitted the floor I was planning on building a floating floor and possibly adding 50mm rockwool to the existing walls and soundblock or similar over the top.
I have just read something about de rating cables, as far as I know the room below should only have downlight. Also there is a separate consumer unit for the top floor as it had been or looks like it had been converted into a flatet. So maybe more cables.
1. Will I need to de rate the cables pre installing the rockwool slabs? I read that I wouldn't due to it been less than .04 Uvalue (sorry if wrong term)
2. Will I need a fire hood covering the downlight?
3. If the rockwool slab is sat onto the ceiling will the ceiling cope with that amount of weight or is there brackets that can be fixed to the joists to support the slabs? 
I have new neighbours to my left which was empty for years, the party wall must be single brick as I can hear them clearly speaking when in the hallway/staircase. I can hear them break a piece of bog roll, their house mirrors ours so I thought maybe the joists ran through but took up top landing floor and they look like they run front to back rather than across into their house. The rear room (I'm insulating)doesn't share joists because the stairwell is in between. On the other side (to my right)it looks like the house was built after ours as its staggered back by 3 foot and looks butted up to ours, plus we have massive chimney breasts and so do they. I will likely add insulation to the alcoves anyway just to be sure. Sorry, long winded I know, thought id give as much info as possible.
Any advice on those 3 questions would be great.
Thanks for reading and cheers in advance!