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Suggestions for a recording room cubicle
« on: October 28, 2016, 08:05:04 AM »
Ok so im hoping to get feedback here on the best ways to implement soundproofing for price efficiency. The more i study stc ratings my mind is boggled because each industry and company test results go in their favor. I have not found alot on the internet of in depth 3rd party analysis of stc ratings for especially acrylic.

Brings me to my main point. Wishing to build an acrylic cubicle around the computer desk daw where i will be recording guitar and vocals mostly. I need to block sound out and also keep the sound in. Im hoping if i can reach an stc level of mid 40s this should be satisfactory since its indoors i would assume most sounds are already weakened somewhat. Which by the way the room this cuble is in is upstairs in a duplex. Airplane traffic. Highway traffic. Ongoing construction always in neighborhood. Dogs barking and foot traffic right outside the window. Paper thin walls with no insulation. New windows which has helped reduce some outide noise slightly. Its a rental so not changing structure of building. Some requirements of this new project are the following:
1. Best bang for buck design
2. Modular panels and lightweight panels
3. Aesthetically pleasing

So far ive came up with a few ideas but still dont if thicker acrylic single frame is better than a double thinner type build...

Right now im envisioning an approximate 6x6x6 cube of acrylite. A local manufacturer quoted $140 for the 4x8 .250(1/4") panel and if i bought 5 or more the 6x8 panel would be $180. After doing the math i realized i dont want scraps. So i was going to rip 1 panel in half giving 2 - 6 x 4. Split second and third panels with cuts @ 6x6 and 6x2. If i combine the 6x2 with 6x4 i will have all 4 sides accounted for. The fourth panel would be the top but have not figured out the math for the most efficient cuts for the inner layer but at this rate im guessing if i only double glaze the 3 walls that will encompass the desk i will use approx. 7 panels costing $1280.

My budget for whole project is 2000. Hoping to spend less than 1000 on frame panels..i know other costs include the frames and kind of cushioning between panels and the sound absorbtion going on the inside.

Basically my thoughts is stc value better bang for thickness or for spacing. Ive read where when doubling glazing one should use different thicknesses anyways to create less chance for reverb and because different thicknesses specialize at different hz. Other concerns are how much stc loss will happen by trying to ajoin the pieces and keeping this modular. How much stc will improve when sound absorbing interior of cube with foam tiles. Anyone have any ideas on how to frame these? Still dont know how i will do that part. Any feedback appreciated. Thanks.

Randy S

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Re: Suggestions for a recording room cubicle
« Reply #1 on: November 01, 2016, 05:00:30 PM »
doing the booth out of single layer 1/4" acrylic will not get you to way...
In order to get to that value you would need 2 pieces of 1/4" laminate glass with a 2" dead air space to make 43 STC.

Call me direct and lets toss some options around.

Randy S.