Author Topic: Please help!! Is my plan to soundproof my home from RUDE neighbor going to work.  (Read 1185 times)


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I have a new neighbor who just moved here who likes to BLAST his TV for hours on end even though he was asked nicely not to (police could not help either). The noise pollution from this one incredibly RUDE neighbor from hell is making me SICK and no he does not have a hearing problem. My kitchen was just gutted and is being renovated so I need to soundproof wall before kitchen cabinets are installed..

My plan is to install one sheet of 5/8" sheetrock on top of the existing drywall. I will make sure to install this 5/8" sheetrock onto vertical wood beams in order to create an open SPACE between them. Is one 5/8" sheetrock enough or do I have to use two 5/8" sheetrock layered on top of each other??? I'm also confused what to "stuff" inside the wall near kitchen (shown in photo) to soundproof it?? There is NO drywall inside that section of wall... tons of noise is coming through that empty area.

I keep reading conflicting results regarding green glue compound. I'm on a VERY tight budget. I'm confused what I need to spread into the seams once the drywall has been installed?? I have about 40ft by 14ft of wall that needs to be soundproofed.

Thanks for any help!!