Author Topic: 3 dudes, 1 apt. and neighbors with sensitive ears  (Read 3547 times)


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3 dudes, 1 apt. and neighbors with sensitive ears
« on: December 19, 2002, 08:45:00 PM »
I need advice.....We are worried about upsetting neighbors in a new apartment.  Apparently the last group to live there got the boot because of noise.  We share two of our walls with a neighbors bedroom and she has sensitive hearing. We are hoping to decrease the amount of noise that leaves ours place and wakes her up so she will stop her damn complaining.  What sort of options do we have? What is a good way to reduce the noise leaving our apartment? We are not concerned with acoutics or the niose that she makes, we just want it to be quieter in her room.


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Re: 3 dudes, 1 apt. and neighbors with sensitive ears
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The chances are, that the common wall between you and the neighbor is only about 17 to 18 STC's (Sound Transmission Class). You'll need to increase the STC's of the two walls that adjoin her apartment. This can be done numerous ways.
One way would be to staple a layer of the "Mass Loaded Vinyl" to the drywall on your side of the "party wall", and then we would recommend another layer of 5/8" fire code drywall applied over top of the (MLV).
Dan, the MLV would probably be your most effective, and economical method for soundproofing the common wall between you and your neighbor. Other soundproofing methods are described on the website.
Thanks for the post.

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